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    Las Vegas

    Hi guys! How is everyone doing? I am writing to you from Las Vegas, where I am spending the off-season this year. After a tough end to the 2014 season, I took two weeks off and went on vacation to beautiful Hawaii so I could have enough time to recover physically and mentally.

    I really needed to not see my rackets for a while!

    Thankfully, I got the rest I needed to be totally ready for next season and I am now working really hard again! The training is going amazingly so far and I’m happy to start feeling like the hard work is paying off while also having a lot of fun…that’s the Jovana way J

    My new team here in Vegas is bringing me really positive energy and just allowing me to focus on my game 100 per cent so we will hopefully see the results in the new year.

    While it’s fun to practice and always work on something new, I can’t wait to be back on the court and play tournaments and compete. That’s the life of professional athletes, we always want to fight and give our best to win, and that is why I wake up every day and put myself through pain to be the best I can be!

    The end of last year was a challenge mentally and the road to the top is only going to get harder. I’m proud of myself because I reached my first WTA final in 2014 and showed to myself that I can achieve a lot  - the feeling I had during that trophy ceremony is something I’ll never forget…and I don’t just mean the dancing!

    This year I learned that I have to be positive all the time, believe in myself until the end and always smile no matter what. I will take my smile into the beginning of next season and try not to put so pressure on myself – I don’t have specific goals, I just want to keep working on my game and trust that the results will come along.

    I will start my season in Brisbane – playing there for the first time so I’m excited about that and hope it won’t be as windy as Hobart! -  I just want to give my best and play my best tennis and we will see how it goes.

    No matter what, I will have a smile on my face.

    Wishing everyone season’s greetings and a very happy, healthy new year,

    Jovana J