Jovana Jaksic new star in tennis sky

She saved 14 match points in a row to win the match. You read it right – 14. Jovana Jaksic (20) is a promising tennis player. She is young, but has a solid playing experience. She played her first tournament in 2005, and since then, she’s been winning medals and junior tournaments around the world.

08.04 2014 M

She was ranked #13 in the junior ITF list. She won 14 ITF tournaments and made her debut on WTA last year in Monterrey. This year, she made her debut for the Fed Cup team of Serbia. Her best WTA ranking was #133, she is currently #137.

In your opinion, what makes you recognizable in the world of tennis?

I like to have fun. I try to smile and enjoy every day. The life of a professional tennis player can be difficult, busy, hard work, and sometimes lonely, so I try to always find a way to enjoy it.

Jovana is an aggressive player. She likes to impose her game style and control from the start. Experts who have had the opportunity to watch her matches, say that her strength is forehand, that she is great when approaching the net, and that she can easily adapt her game to her rhythm.

What is your biggest advantage on the court, what do you think you should improve in your game?

I think my biggest advantages are my strength and power. As for the progress and improvement, there is always room for that – if there is will! I continue to work on maintaining a high level of my game in every match, and I’m also working to improve my serve.

Jovana made a stunt worthy of admiration back in February – she won the tournament in Arizona, saving 14 match points against Tamira Paszek in the final.

It was a crazy match, I still can’t believe I did it. At one point I stopped counting match points because I didn’t want to lose concentration in such tense moments. I just tried to play my game till the end! I made it!

Tell us about your first WTA experience in Monterrey. You started forcefully, with an incredible victory in the first match of the tournament, you must have thrilled yourself!

Yes, I beat former world no.31 Vera Dushevina in the first match in Monterrey. In the second round, I lost to Maria Kirilenko 0-6, 6-4, 1-6. Dushevina was a tricky opponent, it was a tough match but I was fighting till the end! Kirilenko did beat me, but I had so much fun in that match. I still have those images in my head! On the court, I really felt like I belonged there.

You made a debut for the Fed Cup team of Serbia against Canada. It’s a different competition, you don’t play just for yourself, but for the team and for your country.

I am very proud I had that pleasure to play for my country! A brilliant feeling! I have to admit I was really nervous because apart from playing for the national team, it was the first time my match was broadcasted live. Things didn’t go the way I wanted, but all in all, it was a good experience and it will be much better and easier next time.

Your role model in the world of tennis is Ana Ivanovic. You had a chance to meet her. If it’s not a secret, what did you ask her when you first met? Did you ask her for some advice regarding tennis?

I have a great respect for Ana, as a player and as a person. I was lucky not only to meet her, but also to stay in contact with her. We often write to each other. She inspires me and helps me with her advice before matches.

Is it difficult for young players to find their way to the top of the WTA list? Sometimes it seems that senior players dominate.

It is difficult to get to the top and sometimes it seems that the top is so far. Traveling and the constant fight for points can be physically and mentally exhausting. But I want to be on top one day and I’m ready to work even harder to achieve that goal.

Is it true that you did not go to prom because of the training?

Yes, it’s true. But I’m not giving so much importance to it.

What do you consider your greatest success so far in your career?

I hope that my greatest success is not behind, but in front of me! The most important thing for me now is to improve my WTA ranking and also to improve my game.

Which tournament would you like to win and why?

The Australian Open!

How do you relax between practice, matches, traveling …?

I play cards, read books, listen to music, chat with friends on social networks … I have to admit I’ve been taking selfies lately! Haha! I do all that most of my peers do.